As Food Prices... As Food Prices Rise, People Will Have To Look For Cheaper Calories

These days, tightening your belt is easier than ever, in more ways than one. Due to the  rising costs of fuel used to transport meat, drought, and crops affected by bacterial problems.  Losing weight might appear to some as a silver lining in the midst of an otherwise grim set of circumstances. Unfortunately this isn’t [&hellip

Fraud at Deloitte... psychology-of-fraud

An $86.3 million lawsuit makes Canadian history. In the 1990’s a theatre company known as Livent was found guilty of accounting fraud and several of the founders of the company were convicted. The formal auditor of the company known as Deloitte failed to uncover the fraud perpetuated by the theatre company and has been ordered [&hellip

Ancient Culture on...

The North American continent is home to some of the most unique and interesting ancient cultures in the world—many of which are still kept alive today through celebrations, festivals and traditions that highlight ancient cultures found in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Although much has been written about the ancient cultures celebrated in the [&hellip