The evolution of... natural cures

The world of medicine has evolved a great deal form ancient times. Man has always sought remedies for all kinds of conditions that caused him pain or discomfort. This is due to man’s innate desire for comfort and happiness. Human beings and all living organisms are usually always under threat from all kinds of attacks [&hellip

A critical look... modern day person

Food is a basic need for any living organism including mankind. We simply cannot afford living without food. One could say food is the second most important thing for the existence of any living organism. One can manage to survive without all the other basic needs for a given amount of time but you simply [&hellip

How To Keep... You’re going to have a baby

You’re going to have a baby! That is great news, full of excitement and wonderment for you and your significant other. But you may be living a strict and healthy lifestyle right now, and don’t want to just lie around while you wait for the baby to be born. Some of us just can’t seem [&hellip

These Foods Are... Prepared Salads

The health craze has been in full effect here in the United States for over for almost two decades now. People have become complete obsessed with living a clean and pure lifestyle, filled with strict dieting and plenty of exercise to go along with it. OR at least a small portion of us has chosen [&hellip

Lose Weight Eating... Eating Cereal  1

Cereal is the most common breakfast food that we can think of outside of bacon and eggs. Almost everyone loves cereal, from the time that you are kid to the today in your adult life, those bowls of grains, biscuits, and milk is the perfect addition to our morning routines. But just like everything else [&hellip

Apple Cider Vinegar—The... Apple Cider Vinegar 5

If you are looking for a new way to get healthy and to give your body some essential nutrients that you may not have even known it needed. This isn’t the most common remedy for some of your worse illnesses, and it certainly hasn’t been looked at as a viable option to be apart of [&hellip

Apples For Relief Blood Pressure

There are some incredible things that apples can produce for us besides a tasty snack with our lunches. Derived from apples, Apple cider vinegarcan used to relief some of the most embarrassing skin conditions and can be a great way for you to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. I am talking about of course [&hellip

Do These Foods... Beef Jerky

Everyone wants to be healthy in today’s world. The difference between those of us who do it, and those of us who choose to not live by strict rules and labels is pretty simple. You either want to do it or you don’t. That doesn’t stop everyone from at least having a desire in his [&hellip

Know Your Zapiekanka zapiekanka

Most people haven’t even heard of zapiekanka more or less know about what kind of health benefits come with eating it. White tea is something that many people drink every day but did you know how good it was for you? It is so good that you switch from coffee to tea to lead a [&hellip

The Spirulina Debate spirulina

There are a lot of foods and ingredients on the market that are actually really good for you but you probably have never heard of. If you are looking for healthy new foods and beverages to put into your body, then you are going to want to keep reading. Continue reading to learn more about [&hellip