Accounting Doesn’t Have... Accounts book

Accounting can be the gateway that leads to a wide variety of interesting careers as well as stable and generous compensation. “Forget the negative stereotypes of accounting” there are many different types of jobs you can undertake once you are a trained accountant which can involve many exciting legal cases, exotic travel, government strategies and [&hellip

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Forensic accountants are able to recover money gained by criminals from fraudulent activity, thus helping to undermine these criminal organizations and prevent assets being used to fund further criminal activity. This can be an in depth, complex activity which meticulously follows the trail of laundered money, allowing the criminals assets to be seized to ensure [&hellip

Personal Finance Tips... If You Had $12 Billion, would you Build a Mansion or help Eradicate Poverty?

Managing your personal finances should be one of your goals for 2014. When your finances are in order you will be less stressed out and enjoy life more. As a result your health and relationships will improve. In addition, when you have good finances you have security that you can fall back on in the [&hellip

Should Uncle Sam... Money

Student loan debt is spiraling out of control. Never before in our nation’s history has there been anywhere near the level of current student debt. This is leading to outrage as young adults are forced to pay off debt for years which greatly reduces spending and harms the economy. Many are calling for the United [&hellip

The Fastest Way...

Building credit is very important for every consumer. Like it or not, your credit score will follow you throughout your life. It affects jobs, loans, buying property, and many aspects of life. Without a good credit score, you are at a definite disadvantage. Most people believe that to achieve a good credit score you must [&hellip

If You Had... If You Had $12 Billion, would you Build a Mansion or help Eradicate Poverty?

It can be difficult to imagine having $12 billion at your disposal, so figuring out what to do with that money may be beyond the capacity for most people to truly conceive. Although, many people who would answer the question in the title might choose to do both. The truth is, many of us do [&hellip