Going Green For... Arctic-Hare-wp

There are many animals who simply do not go running south for the winter. These arctic tundra loving animals like it where it is cold and snowy. These animals know how to defend themselves in the cold and have simply adapted to that particular way of life. There are a few animals that do tend [&hellip

Understanding Your Cat... sweet-cats

There are times when a cat’s behaviour can seem very perplexing to their owners, but usually there are reasons behind your cats actions which will let you understand your cat better. Although cats are 100% carnivores they can sometimes be seen nibbling on blades of grass. Whilst this can seem quite cute, adorable behaviour, most [&hellip

Is Your Dog... dog-training

We always think of a pet dog as being a lifelong companion but there can be instances where a dog poses challenges to your health and well being. Dogs can provide us with company, friendship, protection and encourage us to get more exercise, but dogs can also cause us health problems. Most owners are aware [&hellip

The Doggy Dog... medium_dog_breeds

If you have a small to medium size dog you may wonder if you can feed your dog cat food. Cat food pouches come in a handy smaller size, but don’t be fooled. The nutritional content of cats food is very different from dog food. It tends to be much higher in proteins and fats [&hellip

Benadryl: The Pet... allergic

It may surprise you to know that there are human medicines which are also safe to give dogs. Benadryl is one such medicine, which can help dogs who have received insect stings and bites, suffer from motion sickness or anxiety. If you are planning to give your dog human medicines then it is best to [&hellip

Help Your Dog... healthy dogs

Some dogs can be prone to weight gain and in some breeds it can be very hard to maintain a healthy body weight in your dog. Overweight dogs can suffer from lots of medical ailments and it can even affect the longevity of their lives. To help your dog you can boost your dogs diet [&hellip

Grapes Are Dangerous... Dogs-Eat-Grapes

Although there are many foods that we eat, that dogs can also eat, there are also some that are best avoided. You would think that all vegetables and fruit would be good, but unfortunately there are some exceptions. Grapes can be highly toxic to dogs, they are unable to digest them properly and eating grapes [&hellip

The Right Food... right food

Just like us, dogs are prone to put on weight if they are eating the wrong types and amounts of food. It is important that your dog is getting the right size portion of food for their size and breed and that their food contains all the micronutrients required to keep them healthy. Most commercial [&hellip

Dogs Eat Healthy... dog-eats-veggies

You may be surprised by the amount of human foods dogs can actually eat.  Some owners do not feed their dogs commercial dog foods due to all the additives they contain, instead opting to give their dog the same sorts of foods that they eat. Giving your dog a wide variety of foods ensures that [&hellip

The Whole Story... The Whole Story On Dogs: Small vs. Big!

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the size of a dog. Some prefer their pooch to be very small; at this point who hasn’t viewed a tiny furry face peaking out of a large carry-all? Others prefer to have dogs they can rough house with, like a Great Dane. There are pros and [&hellip