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The world of medicine has evolved a great deal form ancient times. Man has always sought remedies for all kinds of conditions that caused him pain or discomfort. This is due to man’s innate desire for comfort and happiness.

Human beings and all living organisms are usually always under threat from all kinds of attacks that would negatively affect their health. There are pathogens that exist in the air they breathe, in the water they drink, and in the food they eat. It is not possible to see the pathogens using the naked eye and hence I is very hard to prevent the pathogens from getting into our bodies.

Once the pathogens get into our bodies, they usually cause reactions in the body that lead to the individual getting sick. Getting sick is usually as a result of abnormally functioning body systems. Sickness normally brings about a lot of pain and discomfort. Sick individuals are usually not able to go about their day to day activities such as working and these infections can at times be fatal and lead to death.

To counter the effects of diseases, man realized from a very early age that there were elements that could be used to counter the pathogen by eradicating or reducing the effects of the disease causing agents. This brought about the discovery of medicines and cures.

Most of the original remedies that man used were herbs, roots, or tubers or a combination of several of these. Many of these remedies were discovered through pure accident while others were discovered through trial and error.

Many of the natural remedies that were used by our ancestors were basically foods that were discovered to have some positive effects for the sick. Some of these foods are still used today by the modern day man. For example, food like humus is still used today very much due to its numerous health benefits. Other foods include apple cider vinegar, honey, and herbs such as; chamomile, ginger, alfalfa, and many other natural herbs.

As technology has evolved and man has been able to employ it in medicine, he has been able to come up with remedies that are more effective.

As man studied more and discovered more about the disease causing pathogens and their effect on human bodies, it was easier to find out counter measures. It was also easier to make counter agents due to the advancement in chemistry.

Today there are drugs to counter any disease causing agents. Whenever one feels ill, they can go to a doctor who will prescribe the necessary drug for the ailment and after taking the prescribed drug, the disease will vanish.

Despite having these advanced remedies that are available for almost all ailments and which seem to have a better result ratio as compared to the natural remedies, the modern prescription drugs are known to have adverse long term effects on the life of the individual and that of subsequent generations. The modern drugs are known to have side effects that are not there when one uses natural remedies.