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Weed enthusiasts enjoy the experience and the effects of cannabis in their body and have no desire to stop using it. However, weed attracts unwanted noses and spying eyes. There are many reasons why you will need secrecy in your smoking spree, perhaps your landlord has banned weed within the premises, the possibility of people treating you with contempt, or any other. Whichever the reason, I am here to tell you that it’s possible to smoke and conceal the smell to avoid being caught. I will give you the steps to follow, what to do, and what not to do, enjoy your reading.

How to conceal smell when smoking weed in an apartment

  1. Wet towel method. This method has been used since time immemorial but I can describe it to be half effective. People used to soak a towel in water and then placing it at the opening at the bottom of the door and sealing any other opening. This prevents smoke from escaping from your room to disturb your neighbors. This is probably the cheapest method.
  2. Mix it with other herbal blends. Most people don’t have a problem with a smoking cigarette but are really bothered by marijuana. You can mix marijuana with a cigarette, the smoke will smell more of the cigarette with no possibility of getting discovered. This way, you will comfortably enjoy weed without suspicion.
  3. The use of the vaping method. This is one of the most effective methods around. If by any chance you are interested in this option, source for the best vape pens in Canada.
  4. The use of odor reducing candles. This method is best when used with other methods. For instance, if you have used the wet towel method or mixed your weed with other blends, this method will deal with any other remnant smell in the room.
  5. The use of air purifiers. Put on your air purifier on while smoking, if left on overnight, the smell will be completely eliminated.
  6. The use of smoke filters. There are many smoke filters in the market which you can just buy and use. However, some people prefer to assemble theirs locally. They use elastic bands, toilet paper, and cotton wool among other materials to make a home-made smoke filter.
  7. You can also opt for a bong. This is probably the best of the options on this list. The bong has a glass which will keep all the scent from smoking weed hence cannot be detected by your neighbors or landlord.

Dos and Don’ts

I recommend that you keep your ween in a smell proof weed container, disarm or block the smoke alarm when smoking, and smoke your weed in the bathroom with the shower on.

I warn you not to forget to thoroughly wash your hands after smoking, leave the vents open, and avoid discount vape pens.


Smoking cannabis Canada can be a discrete affair if you adhere to the strategies outlined in this article. You stand a better chance of not being caught.