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A lot of people were scared and nervous when 3D printing came into view. Some even thought that 3D printers can print firearms. So is it true? Well, you will find out later in this article. After the firearm issue, some people made 3D printed masks which some people believe to be alarming.

What is 3D printing?

3D refers to the digital fabrication processes where you can build objects out of computer models without spending a lot in tools. There are a lot of 3D printing processes like hardening liquid plastic using ultraviolet light or metal powders melted by lasers. For most people, they believe that 3D printing revolves around melting spools of plastic.

Some think that it can be an expensive tool but it is not. 3D printers are made by enthusiasts and are very affordable. There are even printer models that cost $250 and below.

3D printers are not perfect which means that problems can come up at any time. In this article, the myths that scare people will be revealed.

What are the common myths about 3D printing?

1. People can print firearms

In the year 2013, the design of a gun that can be made using a 3D printer circulated the internet. However, no injuries were reported in relation to 3D printed guns ever since the design was uploaded on the internet. It only means that it is a limited threat.

According to experts, 3D guns are more dangerous to the user when used than to other people. 3D prints could go wrong so firing a 3D printed gun would surely mean that you are brave enough to risk your life.

Moreover, even though it is possible to print a gun or a gun-like product, you would still need metal components, and of course, ammunition. With that said, it only means that not everything can be and should be 3D printed.

2. It can destroy the environment

Some people are worried that being able to print different materials easily can be a threat to the environment.

However, for 3D printing enthusiasts, they believe that massive printing can reduce waste compared to the traditional manufacturing process that includes drilling, cutting, etc.

Moreover, the materials used for 3D printing can be biodegradable. Some printers use plant-based materials that turn food waste into printing filaments. In fact, 3D printing offers different ways to recycle plastic.

Another good news about 3D printing is that it can restore marine habitats. Did you know that a 3D printer can print coral reefs? That would be very helpful to the environment and the different species living in different bodies of water.

3. It can steal jobs

For the past years, people describe 3D printing as either revolutionary or disruptive. Like other technologies invented in the past, people were always scared that it can steal their jobs.

This new technology can increase engagement in school when it comes to science and engineering. Moreover, some older people want to learn about the technology to update their skills. With that said, 3D printing is more like an update than a job thief.

You can do a lot of things using a 3D printer. Now that you know the truth about the common myths about it, maybe you would want to check out Digi 3D Verse now.