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Protein is a type of macro nutrient that is essential and necessary for muscle growth and repair. Although it is usually found in animal products, it can also be present in other kind of sources such as legumes, peas, tofu or soy, and nuts. We have been recommended by the doctors that 10 to 35 percent of our daily caloric intake should come from protein. How that relates to grams of protein however still depends on the weight and caloric need of the individual. In simple terms, protein is an important nutrient that every person needs in order to maintain a healthy body.


But protein alone is not sufficient for the body to foster muscle growth. Exercise is also important for muscle development. Exercise together with proper protein intake will help the body nourish and enhance the muscles. People who desire to build up their muscles needs to take more protein compared to those who doesn’t. This is because when you exercise your muscles, you are effectively tearing up and breaking muscles fibres apart, which then needs to be repaired by the body which requires protein to do so. That’s why body builders and other athletes try to get as much protein in their body as much as possible. However, a person should consider his or her sex, age, and level of physical activity before taking up a certain amount of protein.

Normally, a person’s day to day protein gain comes from eating protein rich foods such as soy protein products, beans, nuts, legumes, meat, dairy products and other such foods. However these days, when you are working out and exercising, it can be beneficial if you add some supplements to your normal protein intake with some additional protein enriched food items such as protein bars, protein shakes, and protein powders. These are available in a variety that will give you choices so that you won’t get bored with it.

Using protein bars to help muscle development is the easiest and most convenient way to get more protein. They are made out of whey protein, though sometimes it uses casein protein, or even a combination of both two proteins. Aside from it being convenient and fast, protein bars also have a lot of benefits. Protein Bars can help increase your body’s lean mass, increase strength and power, improve recovery very after work out, can lead to reduction of body fat, reduces appetite by decreasing ghrelin and increasing satiety, can help stabilize blood sugar, increase muscle protein synthesis, improve your heart’s health and reduce risk of diabetes, can help reduce blood pressure, and many more.

Protein shakes and powder on the other hand requires more preparation compared to protein bars. But still has the same benefits as a protein bar have. You can prepare your protein shake however you want. But the best protein shakes are made with a good blender. You can use any blender you want, but you should visit this link to help you pick the best blender for protein shakes: .You can also learn more ways on how to prepare your protein shakes in that website.