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Facial sprays have been a big hit for women searching for a versatile skin care product. This skin care solution helps to keep your skin glowing and stay hydrated especially when working outdoors.

Browsing for a facial spray on the web is somehow tricky. You will find yourself caught between choosing which brand of facial spray to use. It is even more confusing when all the products are claiming to be the best in the market.


When choosing which facial spray brand to use, it is always helpful to consult reliable websites online. Make sure to ask assistance and guidance from sites by reading their unbiased product reviews.

The Mario Badescu facial spray is one of the skincare items on the market that received an excellent review from its customers. In fact, this product is one of the top choices for women who are looking for facial sprays. Do you want to know why?

Here is a fair review of Mario Badescu facial spray from your best partner in skincare guide.

Mario Badescu Thumbs-Up Advantages

1. Contains Natural Ingredients-Mario Badescu is made from natural materials. It contains aloe herbs and rosewater which are proven effective in improving skin health. Moreover, these herbs are excellent in the hydrating dry skin.

2. Keep skin fresh- The skin looks dry and uncomfortable after waking up. Likewise, staying outdoors sucks out skin moisture leaving it dull and itchy. Using Mario Badescu promotes skin freshness. Since it contains natural aloe extract and rosewater, your skin will stay fresh and cool even after basking under the sun.

3. Exudes Wonderful Scent- Although this facial spray is not an ideal alternative to perfume, however, it gives off a nice and calming light Rose scent. It makes your skin smell like a fresh rose due to its ingredient.

4. Perfect for all Skin Types-You might wonder if this facial spray is suitable for your skin; the answer is yes. This skincare product is formulated for all skin types. Furthermore, it is a perfect solution for sensitive skin.

5. On the Go Skincare Solution- Packing all sort of skincare product is a hassle. But with Mario Badescu, you will never experience the same. This product is an all in one skin hydrating solution and makeup preparation.

The Downside of Mario Badescu

1. Does not treat acne- This facial spray is not a solution for treating acne. It only works as skin dehydration spray.

2. Not Long-Lasting- You have to reapply twice or thrice a day with this product. One time application does not last long enough for a whole day of staying outdoors.

3. Has a Very Light Scent-If you are looking for a perfume like facial spray, Mario Badescu is not an ideal option for you. This facial spray has a light scent. It is not floral, so don’t expect that this item will exude a burst of floral scent.

What do you think? Do Mario Badescu suits your skin care needs?

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