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Although cats have a different language from humans, they could still understand and follow some specific words or commands and respond to them correctly. If you want to learn how to train your cat to do some certain things the right way, you just need to be a little bit more patient and continue reading.

How to train your cat to use the litter box

Letting your cat use the litter box instead of doing its business in different parts of the house is not that difficult. Cats find a place where they could bury their wastes easily. If a kitten is still with its mother, it would naturally follow what its mother does. But, if the kitten is separated at an early age, you would just need to put the litter box near its bed and enclose the area. You might want to confine it in a small room if you have one. But, if not, a high enough indoor pen would suffice. When you see the cat using the litter box regularly, then you can start taking the box a bit further and remove the enclosure. After a few more days, you would notice that the cat would be using that familiar box of dirt even if it’s in another part of the house.

How to train your cat to use the toilet

This is a bit more complicated than letting your cat use the litter box. Since toilets are higher and there is a possibility that your cat would fall in the water, some other equipment or things should be used. When your cat is already used to the litter box, start by placing it in the bathroom. Move it a little bit closer to the toilet the next day, and closer still the following day. Do this gradually until the litter box is the closest to the toilet bowl. Then, put the litter box on top of the toilet seat. If the seat is a bit too high for your cat, put some elevation on the floor to help it get to the box easily. When the cat gets used to it, change the box into a special one that could fit over the rim of the toilet seat. Reduce the litter gradually after some time. You would need to get another box or tray that has a hole in the middle. You would also need some flushable litter. You would be able to remove the tray completely when your cat gets accustomed to the toilet.

How to train your cat to walk on leash

The harness for cats does not go around their necks. Instead it goes around the cat’s body. The leash would be attached to its back. Cats are not as excited as dogs when they see a leash. But, they can be trained to get accustomed to it when you take them out for a walk. First thing you need to do is make the cat familiar with the harness. Leave it in places where the cat loves going. After that, you could try and put it around your cat for a short period of time. Gradually increase the time you let your cat wear it. Then, attach the leash. Do not hold the other end of the leash just yet. Let your cat roam around with the harness and the leash inside the house. In a few days’ time, you’d be able to take it out for walks in the park using the leash.