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Smart technology does not only give you smart phones, tablets, computer, laptops, and other gadgets, but smart technology can now be found even in the kitchen – the induction cooktop.


What is an induction cooktop?

If you are familiar with electric stoves, these induction cooktops are its upgraded version; however, you will find a huge difference between the two.

Is it worth it?

Generally, yes; the induction cooktop is worth your money, and here are the reasons why:

1. It is efficient and fast cooking result

Understanding the induction cook top’s smart technology, the heat of the cooktop is not only direct at one spot; since the energy is directly transferred to the metal pot or pan, the heat starts to surround the entire pan. Thus, with the surround heat, cooking becomes fast and more even.

Also, since the induction cook top’s temperature and power can be controlled, your food will seldom get burned. If you take a good look at the Duxtop 9600LS here, you would understand why it’s efficient than its counterparts.

2.  It is energy efficient

Induction cooktops are energy efficient compared when using electric stoves. If you look at electric cook-stoves properties, you will notice that the heat that is emitted from an electric burner cannot have a firm contact with the pan. Generally, most of the electric burners are not designed to provide direct heat to the pan; instead, its energy is only directed at the bottom of the pan, which is similar with how gas-stove works. However, if you would use an induction cooktop, the generated energy automatically transfers its heat to the pan and surrounds it with the transferred heat, which is considered as energy efficient. You do not need to wait for pre-heating nor sweat too much when cooking.

3. Fast to clean

Cleaning gas-stove can be gruesome due to the unwanted rust, excess oil or grease, grime and more. However, due to the slanted control panel and the high-quality coating, cleaning the induction cooktop becomes easy and fast.

4. Designed with smart technology

The essential part having an induction cooktop that deserves credit is its seamless design and smart technology. Aside from being stylish and easy to operate, the induction cooktop is designed and manufactured with the following smart technology features:

  •    Designed with a built-in digital timer
    •    Designed with child safety lock
    •    Designed with an auto-pan detection
    •    Designed with a warning system for high and low-voltage detection
    •    Designed with diagnostic error message system
    •    Designed with an LCD Sensor-touch control panel

Final Thoughts

If the induction cooktop is worth-it, why there are only a few reviews about it?
You are probably asking the same question like others; well, one of the reasons why you only hear a few of customer reviews about induction cooktop is because it is slightly expensive. However, if you would compare the cooking results and the energy that you are saving from using induction cooktop over using gas-stove or electric-stoves, you would definitely say that the induction cooktop is indeed the best choice when cooking.

If you want to see more about induction cooktop, try to visit Induction Pros’ website.