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Employee rights are often violated in various parts of the country. As a matter of fact, there are various cases of this situation at San Diego. Thus, to help employees like you who have been wronged at their workplace, the Walker Law is here to guide and support you in your case. The Walker Law is a team of professional and experts in employment law at San Diego. You can click here to know more about this law firm.

This unpaid wage attorney helps cases involving violation of employment and rights of workers. Here are the various cases that Walker Law can help you with. Unpaid Wages As an employee, you are entitled to receive the wage you earned all throughout the month. Your expected salary is based on your position in the company and performance at work. Deductions may incur depending on the company’s regulations, which may include late or absences. Despite the amount you earned for the month, you deserve to get paid. In fact, it is stated in your employment contract that you will receive your regular wages either on a monthly or quarterly basis. Thus, when this doesn’t happen, consult an unpaid wage attorney especially if your employer remains blind eye to the situation.

Unpaid wages is a definite violation of your rights as a worker. Hence, if you do not receive your correct wage for the month or sees deductions without firm grounds, this calls for attention.

Unpaid Overtime Wages

There are individuals who work overtime only to accomplish their task ahead of the deadline. Whereas there are some who fill their time working early in the morning and late at night to earn more income. However, the sad truth is, not all employees received their overtime wages. This situation often happens, and you could be a victim of it. Unpaid overtime wages is another case that infringes the employment law. If you are having a similar problem with your employer, call first his attention. But if he takes no action, call for help from the best unpaid wage attorney.

Unreimbursed Uniforms, Tools, and Mileage

The company shoulders uniforms, tools and travel expenses of their employees. There are occasions wherein the employee pays for these expenses at first and reimburse it later on. Now, there are circumstances wherein the employers deny paying the uniform, tools, and mileage of their employee’s unreimbursed tools, uniforms, mileage and even meal break failure is a strong case violating the employment law. If this happens at your work, you have the right to consult an unpaid wage attorney.

Wrongful Termination

There are several cases wherein an employee is being terminated from his or her job without strong evidence that makes the employee a candidate for termination. In addition, termination from work without a notice is also deemed a violation of the rights of an employee. Therefore, if your employer happens to suddenly ask you to leave, ask them first for their reasons. If you have no violation and works efficiently at your job and the company still decided you to be terminated ask for help from an unpaid wage law firm.