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An ergonomic mouse is a computer mouse designed to make the hands more comfortable when in use. The ergonomically designed mouse is used in offices to prevent employees from being troubled by muscle strains, back pains, and other musculoskeletal disorders, also known as MSD. To prevent the employees from developing MSD, computer companies have started designing computer peripheral device that is ergonomically designed. See more at

Ergonomically mouse reduces the strain on fingers and palm and prevents the hand muscles from any strain. This mouse comes in different shapes and may not be exactly similar looking to the slightly round shaped traditional computer mouse. The ergonomically designed mouse may have features with better-pronounced grooves to fit the mold of the hand properly. In many cases, an ergonomic mouse looks like “joystick” used for gaming or even a pen. Further still, many companies make the ergonomic mouse cordless to keep the hand away from the strain that occurs due to restriction posed by the cords.

The mouse is very soft to feel

The mouse is very soft to feel. It is very hard and can be used only by a right-hander. Those who have very large palms can handle this mouse easily. It is not plastic, but it is also not a rubber product. The mouse is too heavy because of the design of the mouse and the batteries.

Helps the user to avoid any pressure in the hands

This position helps the user to avoid any pressure in the hands. So those who are suffering from the carpal tunnel problem can use this mouse to avoid any complications in the using hand.

The speed of the mouse pointer is high

The speed of the mouse pointer should be increased so that there is no need to use the mouse too much. This mouse has two extra buttons which help to finish the task in a simple and cool manner.

The mouse is easy to connect to the computer

This five button wireless mouse is easy to connect to the computer. Though the button in front is not easy to reach the button behind can be easily reached using your thumb. The two main features of this ergonomic mouse are an instant magnifier and viewer.

It is easy to know the status of the battery

The status of the battery can easily be noted when the battery is running low, and a red indicator glows to alert the user. This means the battery must be replaced with a new one for the phone to work properly. The battery life is much longer as it gets switched off when there is no activity. The performance of the mouse is very smooth, and it is more precise and more responsive.