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Accounting can be the gateway that leads to a wide variety of interesting careers as well as stable and generous compensation.

“Forget the negative stereotypes of accounting” there are many different types of jobs you can undertake once you are a trained accountant which can involve many exciting legal cases, exotic travel, government strategies and helping upcoming businesses to succeed.

Forensic accountants can help uncover white collar crime. Financial crime and insurance fraud can place a great burden on society and forensic accountants can testify in trials leading to conviction of fraudsters. These cases are invariably complex and involve pitting the Forensic Accountant against highly intelligent and motivated criminal fraudsters.

An entire case can rest on the successful uncovering of paper trails that the criminal would have gone to great lengths to conceal. Investigations into some of these cases can result in years of work picking through evidence and records.

IRS criminal investigators work alongside federal agencies  to uncover financial crimes and commonly expose embezzlement, blackmail and even motives for murder.

Comptrollers are in charge of  companies or governments budgets, highlighting where money can be saved or where further money can be spent. It is a highly responsible position giving a great deal of power over a companies structure.

Chief financial officers are responsible for the financial structure of a company and play a pivotal role in the companies financial goals and whether the company is successful at making a profit.

International accountants take a global stance, dealing with other institutions world wide, they can be involved in new trade agreements with individuals from other countries or be involved in the legal aspects and exchange rates of financial trading at a global level.

“If you love accounting and sports, why not mesh the two together” and become a sports team accountant.

A sports team accountant looks after the financial interests of sports team, helping to locate sponsorship, government grants and helping to expand the financial potential and day to day governing of the sports team.

Behind any successful organization is the accountant that helps to keep the business viable. As can be seen from the above examples the accountant is responsible for the failure or success of any venture which is why an excellent accountant can demand very high fees.