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Immigration is now a popular policy discussion in many countries around the world, Canada included. For years now, the Canadian government has entertained immigration applications whether for work, study or travel. And just like any other applications, it comes with requirements and procedures that must be completed. The first hurdle is to complete an application process where one has to answer a few questions related to nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, income and other pertinent details about the job offer. The answers will eventually decide the kind of program suited for the applicant. Thanks to this open process and a solid economic history, Canada has become a favored immigrant destination. But there’s one more reason why this country will continue to become an immigrant favorite- the prospects for health care jobs. With a looming older population and increasing need for assisted care, the government and other stakeholders are now looking at the possibility of hiring extra nurses to augment the health force. The trend is based on the projections and study made by the Conference Board of Canada, an industry stakeholder that sees the need to consider foreign-trained nurses to help provide medical attention to patients in the country.

Seniors Expected to Outnumber Children in the Next Few Years

One of the causes of concern among stakeholders is the expected shift in population demographics. According to Statistics Canada, there are more Canadians aged 65 and above than children under 15 years old (2015). The agency further explained that one in six citizens in the country were at least 65, which translates to 5.78 million of the population. Canadians who belong to the 15-and under age bracket number 5.75 million. It is expected that the gap between the senior and the young population will continue to grow, and this trend will eventually become a problem for the health care industry. If the current trend will persist, it is expected that the senior population will make up 20.1 percent of the total Canadian population in 2024. And with this emerging trend, there will be an increase in the need for extra services and an improvement of the health care system. This is where extra support will come in handy. This trend will help boost the demand for health care workers and professionals like occupational health nurse in Canada. With an excellent job outlook a median salary of more than $70,000 per year, nursing professionals can definitely count on a great future in Canada.

This excellent job outlook will not just help locals; even foreign-trained nurses can count on the industry for security and high-paying jobs. Based on the study of the Conference Board of Canada, immigrants will have better chances of landing a job in the next few years. But before you pack your bags and prepare your best nursing shoes, it is important to verify if indeed your education and level of training matches that of Canadian standards. The same study points out the difficulty of many immigrants in getting their credentials recognized in Canada so it pays to be aware of the competencies required.