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Diving has been known to be an exciting underwater activity but can also be risky and challenging at the same time. This is why divers consider dive computers their best friend for it keeps them safe underwater and from having decompression sickness. This innovative gadget guides the divers by keeping track of the critical details in diving and helping them monitor these details. Dive computers measure surface interval, time and depth of each dive and create safe ascent from that information to ensure the divers are always within safe limit.


Dive Computers

Dive Computers have been around for quite a while, making things simpler for divers to enjoy more time underwater. But what are the things to look for in a diving computer?

First, of course, is the interface. You have to make sure that it can be easily operated, especially if you are a beginner. As much as possible, go for one that has prominent display, making it convenient to understand the elements at first glance, especially in darker environments.

Next thing you should consider is the program alarms. One of the most basic features to look for in a dive computer should be its ability to alert the diver when they exceed the safe limit. Another is algorithm. While not all manufacturers have the same algorithm, it is important to be familiar with that of the model you’re having and make sure it meets your preferences.

A dive computer should also have a battery that has the capability to ensure it has more than power to continuously calculate necessary details, and should be easily changed without any help from technicians. It also helps to have a model that warns the diver when it is running out of battery. If you’re someone who would like to keep records of your dive, you might want to consider a dive computer that can be connected to an actual computer to allow you to easily download all your records as well as upload directly from your computer or smartphone.

Now that you know what to look for in a dive computer, you may now make a decision whether to have a standard console-type, or a hose-less one. While hoseless computers is convenient and usually wrist mounted, making your regulator set smaller and easier to pack, standard console-type ones actually have larger screen size, making the elements easier to read and comprehend.

Finding these dive computers won’t be really difficult for they are available in a lot of scuba retailers, and even online. However, if there is a near local shop where you can make a purchase, it’s still best to see it for yourself. Just make sure you are getting one from an authorized dealer and register for a warranty.

As a diver, you need to take responsibility for your own safety and choose gears that are not only reliable and durable but also convenient to use. With these being said, you may want to take a look at some of the best air integrated dive computers money can buy. Visit and who knows, one of these computers may be your best choice!