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The job of an accountant is to keep up with finances. There are a few different types of accountants. A staff accountant is someone that works for a company and their job is to take care of the finances for the company. A senior accountant also works for a company and they are in charge of many different departments within the company. They are also usually in charge of a team of staff accountants. Forensic accountants go along with federal and state regulations as to how to keep the books.

Someone who is a paralegal has the job of assisting lawyers. They have the task of creating documents that will help the lawyer in court. They also have the task of organizing and maintaining files. And sometimes, they have to call and interview clients of the lawyers. Paralegals work in law firms, businesses, and other government agencies. The paralegal is there to help the lawyer be fully prepared for their many legal proceedings.

The salary for an accountant and a paralegal are somewhat on the same scale. However, there is a variation in pay depending on the person’s location, and their level of education. For accountants, the more school you attend means the more money you will earn. For example, a senior accountant requires you to get you Master’s degree and the salary is anywhere from $59,671 to $76,487 a year. People with the title of a staff accountant, the average salary $34,000 to $56,000. It is important to keep in mind that your salary is dependent on your location. Some states pay more than others and that might be a factor to consider before making a final decision.

Both of these jobs are expected to grow in the upcoming years. However, the positions for paralegals are higher than that of accountants. From 2012, all the way to 2022, the job growth for paralegals is expected to be 17 percent. The job outlook for accountants is supposed to grow 13 percent by 2022. This means the in the foreseeable future, paralegals will have more job opportunities than accountants. But, life is unexpected and these figures could change and shift at any moment and time. It is just good to have an idea of where it is projected to head towards.

There is also a different set of skills that is needed for both of these career paths. To become a paralegal, you will need skills that involve people, as well as some computer knowledge. Oral communication skills are a must with this job. You may be required to interview a client that the lawyer has. To become a successful accountant you are going to have to be great at math and have computer skills. So, if you are more people-orientated, being a paralegal is a good fit for you. But, if you are more comfortable crunching numbers, you should consider becoming an accountant.

The amount of school that you will have to attend may come up as a factor in your decision process. In order to become an accountant, you have to go through more schooling than a paralegal. Paralegals are only required to have their associate’s degree and the completion of a certificate. This certificate only takes seven months to complete. As for an accountant, you need to at least get your Bachelor’s degree. And if you want to climb up the ranks that means you will need even more school to get your Master’s Degree. It all depends on your location and what type of accountant position you are looking for. However, the education for becoming a paralegal stays consistent.

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