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Dehumidifiers are electrical devices used to regulate the amount of moisture in the air. They are very useful especially to people with respiratory problems. It is important to note that, dehumidifiers are relatively affordable and durable when well maintained. You will come across various types of dehumidifiers in the market, ranging from portable dehumidifiers, mini dehumidifiers and whole house dehumidifiers.


The most common type of dehumidifier is the refrigerator-style dehumidifier. This type of dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture present in the room and then cools it.  The cool air is then released back into the room. It is an easy, effective and efficient way to get rid of excess moisture in your house. You will however not find this kind of dehumidifier useful if you reside in areas that experience extremely cold temperatures. You should look for a dehumidifier that uses a different mechanism to get rid of moisture if you live in such areas. You can also consider option like a dehumidifier you can mount on your wall.

There is a desiccant dehumidifier which works with a different mechanism in getting rid of excess humidity. It directly dehumidifies air without cooling it first. You should note that this dehumidifier absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and passes it through a silica gel-like substance that dries it up. Silica is a substance that has the ability to absorb moisture. It is important to note that, this type of dehumidifier will serve your best if you stay in an area with very cold temperatures. You can use this type of dehumidifier in various places like your home or even in your office at work

Another type of dehumidifier is the portable dehumidifier. You can go for this option if you want to dehumidify air in small and medium sized rooms. You can also get large portable dehumidifiers that are suitable for use in large spaces such as big houses or even institutions. You can also place this dehumidifier in your living room and it will serve you effectively. You will not have to dig deep into your pockets to purchase this dehumidifier since it is relatively cheap. It is also very easy for you to use. You only need to plug the humidifier into an electric socket and it will start serving its purpose. You should clean the filters and empty the dehumidifier’s storage tank regularly.

Manufacturers have come up with mini-dehumidifiers which are relatively smaller in size compared to all other dehumidifiers. You are advised to use this type of dehumidifier if you live in a small house or intend to place it on a place with very limited space. You can also use it in your bathroom and around your child’s baby coat if you have one. This type of humidifier is very pocket friendly.

The last type of dehumidifiers is the whole-house dehumidifier. It has the ability to efficiently regulate moisture levels for the whole house regardless of size of your house. You will however have to dig deep into your pockets when purchasing this type of dehumidifier. You may also need professional help in using this type of dehumidifier in your home.