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6Wearing costumes is becoming more and more popular. If it weren’t so hard to make one, it would probably be mainstream. Everyone has their favorite movie or animated series favorites. So it isn’t surprising at all that playing certain characters from pop culture is something that all of us want to do. Some are not as open in admitting it, though. Simply because of the notion that it’s childish. Well, tell that to the many people earning a living from making and donning costumes. It’s no longer just a popular thing that’s exclusively for Halloween.


Unfortunately, as mainstream as costumes may be, there are some characters that are rather – well, niche and relatively unpopular. Pickle Rick costume is probably one worth mentioning. Yes, those who know and love Pickle Rick will argue that he is popular. Fair enough, because it’s their perspective. But there’s no arguing that finding a Pickle Rick costume is a challenge, especially if making one is absolutely out of the question. Making costumes is, after all, something that only works if the person goes all-in. Which means, in this context, make a living out of it.


Perhaps one of the rather unconventional yet plausible ways to acquire a Pickle Rick costume is by checking social media groups or message boards of like-minded individuals. There’s a small chance that one of them has the costume. But, unfortunately, that chance becomes a lot smaller because it’s hard to trust lending a costume to someone from several miles away. Even possibly from another country. It’s a good option to consider first, but don’t get your hopes up.


Another option in obtaining a Pickle Rick costume is by contacting a full-fledged costume designer to make one. There are a lot of talented costume makers out there who don’t charge an arm and a leg. Just don’t expect to have something that’s comparable in quality to what Hollywood has to offer. The biggest issue with this option is that costumes don’t come out of thin air – so if it’s needed as soon as possible, the costume might not be finished on time. Rush jobs cost more and are likely to have some shortcomings.


A Pickle Rick costume is deceptively complicated. On the surface, it just looks like a big pickle costume. But, unlike the rather popular banana costume which is just a big banana jumpsuit, Pickle Rick has some bones sticking out of it. Not to mention that the extremities are exposed muscles. And let’s not get started on Pickle Rick putting on a gas mask.


Fortunately, there’s another way to obtain all necessary parts. And that is by checking out websites that have consolidated lists of links for several costumes, including Pickle Rick. Sites like these serve as a comprehensive list of costume parts with built-in links to where to get them. The good news is that people who put up sites like these are passionate enough about costumes to make sure that costumes parts are nothing to scoff at.