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We live in a time wherein everything that we need has a small or portable version. The telephones have become mobile phones, radios have become MP3 players, desktop computers have become laptops and tablets, etc. Not only that! People nowadays are becoming more conscious about their environment. In fact, leaders of most countries are now setting laws with regards to garbage collection and disposal, as well as energy and plastic use.


With all that said, it is not surprising that solar panels or energy are a new trend. Some homes and commercial buildings already use solar energy or the energy from the sun as a source of electricity to power their appliances and lighting systems. In order to combine portability and eco-friendliness, some manufacturers have thought of producing solar panel or solar backpacks.

What is a Solar Panel Backpack?

When you look at the Power On Bags website, you would see that solar panel backpacks look like ordinary backpacks but they have a glass-like structure installed in front or attached somewhere. This item is the solar panel. As similar to solar panels on the roof, these are primarily responsible for absorbing energy from the sun’s UV rays and converting it into power.

Solar panel backpacks have been initially produced for emergency medical personnel so that they would have an immediate source of power in case there are situations in the field. In the long run, backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts have become one of the target markets of manufacturers. Afterward, students have also opted for these bags.

What are the Benefits of Using Solar Panel Backpack?

Some people might not realize the advantages of carrying a backpack that is equipped with solar panels. Hence, we will list down some of the things that make this product great.

  • Portable Charging System

Generally, solar panel backpacks are used for charging devices like laptops, cell phones, flashlights, and medical products on the go. This is helpful since no matter where you are, you no longer have to look for a convenience store, lodge, or even knock on a stranger’s door just so you can charge your handy devices. Same goes for students; you no longer have to look for an outlet just so you can power up your devices.

  • Security and Peace of Mind

This mostly benefits adventurers. We all know that a planned trip will not always go according to our initial plan. For instance, you may have planned to go on a hiking trip for three days but the travel time was not enough, so you had to extend. Basically, you would have a battery that is only as good as the days you planned to be out. With solar panel backpacks, you are assured that you can have flashlights no matter how many days you would be out. You can also easily contact your loved ones and inform them that you are extending since you can charge your phone anytime.


To wrap it all up, solar panels are useful not just for outdoor adventurers but for any person who wants to have an eco-friendly, reliable, and portable power source wherever they are.