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One of the most nutritional food items available for the dinner table is rice; this is because rice is complete with vitamins, is a good source of protein has a minimum amount of fat and also is a good source of fiber.  In addition, rice is an excellent side dish and goes well with just about every entrée.

Additionally, there are a number of different types of rice available on the market.  Some of those different types of rice include white, brown, Jasmine, basmati, etc.  Another type of rice is known as wild rice with a popular wild rice being harvested from Canada and known as Canadian wild rice.

Therefore, a conversation on what is Canadian wild rice and how to cook this rice to perfection may be of interest.

First of all, it is important to note that Canadian wild rice is not wild rice in the sense of comparing this agriculture product with other rice.  This is due to the fact that Canadian wild rice is actually a grass seed that is aquatic in nature.  The beauty and value of this product is that it naturally and organically grown given the fact that it requires a habitat that is conducive to its production.

Additionally, Canadian wild rice is favorable to only three provinces within the Dominion of Canada.  Those provinces are Saskatchewan Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.  Additionally, the State of Minnesota harvests wild rice.

Interestingly, this rice was a major staple of the Native Americans located in these Canadian provinces.  Consequently, it still is harvested, processed and marketed by Native Americans.  Depending upon your point of view, this process either makes it a good thing or a bad thing because this type of rice is the most expensive type of rice to purchase

This type of rice has a chewy texture to it.  Therefore, cooking preparation of this type of rice is critical.

One of those methods of cooking wild rice is through the use of a rice cooker.  Generally, the rice can be cooked to perfection in about 50 minutes.  The value of utilizing a rice cooker rather that a pressure cooker or just a cooking this product in a pot of boiling water is the mechanism of the rice cooker is so designed that it monitors or measures the weight of the product being cooked.  When that programmed weight is achieved the rice cooker automatically stops cooking and switches to warm.

Canadian Wild Rice, How to Make it Perfect Bite Credit Picture License: ecstaticist via photopin cc