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Kayaking is becoming one of the fastest moving trends for outdoor sporting activities in the world. Consumers today are purchasing kayaks and accessories more than at any other time in history. Kayaks come in many different sizes and types along with accessories for the kayak and the rider as well.

People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of kayaking and it’s a very fun recreational sport recognized globally. If you’ve ever rented a kayak or this is your first go at kayaking, there’s some basic gear you should have and know about. So, what is the best kayak accessories for your trip? Below is a list of gear that will make you feel comfortable and gear that can save your life.

The Best Accessories for Kayaking

  • Paddles: owning a kayak means you need a paddle. A single man Kayak will require a double-ended paddle. They’re available in different material and sizes. Beginners should start with a paddle that’s less expensive and as their progression advances a higher-end paddle can be purchased.
  • Personal Flotation Devices: a personal flotation device known as a life preserver or life jacket, it’s a mandatory device for any type of boating, and needing one for a kayak is no different. It’s best to purchase a life jacket that’s not going to rub or irritate your skin. You want one that fits you and is comfortable to wear while kayaking.
  • Helmets: whitewater kayaking requires the use of a safety rated kayaking helmets and is mandatory. If you’re simply kayaking on lakes or calm waters a helmet isn’t necessary.
  • Clothing: is a vital accessory and does make a difference in your comfort level. On hot summer days, recreational kayaking can be done in your swimming suit with a life jacket. For colder weather and water, a moisture-wicking shirt should be used as a base layer and insulate your outer layer with waterproofed jackets and pants.
  • Footwear: for recreational kayaking, a water shoe or sandal will work just fine, however, for colder weather and waters a good pair of quality water booties will be worth the investment. Having wet feet can result in having cold feet and injuries can happen to your feet if you can’t dry or warm them up in time.
  • Spray Skirts for Kayaks: if you’re using your kayak on the ocean a spray skirt will repel most of the water and prevent it from entering your kayak. If you plan on using your kayak a lot in the ocean water than a spray skirt is an accessory you should have.

Addition Accessories

Drybag: is a great accessory to have for any type of kayaking trip and it allows you to keep your personal effects like sunglasses, car keys, food, and dry clothing safe and dry. One last accessory that often times gets neglected is a first aid kit with safety flares for emergency types of situations. For more information on the best accessories and pricing for your kayaking trips, please visit our quality kayaking site today.