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These days, tightening your belt is easier than ever, in more ways than one. Due to the  rising costs of fuel used to transport meat, drought, and crops affected by bacterial problems.  Losing weight might appear to some as a silver lining in the midst of an otherwise grim set of circumstances. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. In fact, the inverse is closer to the truth. Food prices have recently become even more tied to the price of fuel due to ethanol, a fuel derived from corn.

So, what’s the smartest way to keep your wallet fat and your belly full? If you are on a budget already, some of these ideas may not be news to you. For those of you who are only starting to feel the pinch, there are alternatives out there. If you’re a smart food shopper, you are already aware of foods like pasta and rice are great to fall back on. They are just as enticing as an entree as they are a side dish, and your only limitation is your creativity (or lack thereof).

If you are as shrewd with your time as you are with your money, purchasing a rice cooker is a wise decision, as long as you find the one that suits your needs.

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. Nobody should have to sacrifice their health simply because a beneficial diet costs more than a cheaper alternative. Studies suggest what most of us already knew; a diet with empty calories might cost you less initially, but the hidden-costs and long-term health consequences aresimply not worth it.

Investing in your health now will pay dividends in the future and also help to rectify any damage that incorporating a healthy diet may be able to mitigate or even reverse. A positive outlook and frame of mind is just as healthy for the body, too. The reality is the rising cost of food worldwide doesn’t bode well for us going forward, and empirical as well as anecdotal evidence suggests prices on everything will be trending upward for the foreseeable future. The notion of being forced to change is never easy to accept, but it shouldn’t force you to sacrifice the quality of your life.

As Food Prices Rise, People Will Have To Look For Cheaper Calories Credit Picture License: I Believe I Can Fry via photopin cc