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As a pet owner is it your responsibility to carefully monitor the health for your pets. Whether you have a dog or a cat, both need to maintain their health in order to have an enjoyable life. This isn’t just for your pets sake either, this is for yours! Studies show that those with unhealthy pets are more likely to attract health symptoms themselves. Maybe it’s a mentality issue where if you’re not willing to make sure your pet is healthy, then you definitely won’t be willing to make sure you’re healthy either. Whatever the case is, make sure you are a responsible pet owner and keep your pets healthy.

Let’s talk cats. A lot of people seek out cats rather than dogs because they are easier to maintain. You don’t have to take them outside, their diets are easy to structure, etc. etc. However, a common mistake is the belief that cats don’t get sick. While it’s true that cats will generally have a better immune system than dogs will, they can still get sick. If you don’t monitor what your cat is eating, if you don’t give your cat physical exercise, if you don’t make sure your cat is flea free, then he or she is likely to become very ill.

The latter of those issues can be a real pain. As a cat owner I can attest to saying that getting rid of fleas is a very difficult process that can become quite expensive. That’s because I didn’t know about a few different home remedies. Instead, I went to the local vet and paid a decent amount of cash to have them get the fleas out when all I could have needed was some vinegar. That’s right. If you mix water and vinegar together and spray your cat down with it, it will de-flea your cat! Another ingredient you can use instead of lemon juice. You can boil a couple lemons, pour that into a spray bottle, and spray your cat down. Your cat might resist a little bit because they don’t particularly enjoy citrus, but you can make sure she is at ease by working the juice into her fur. Repeat this process a few times and she will be freed of fleas!